Our Quality Checklist

There are several traits of Annapolis Painting Services that set us apart from the competition including our quality assurance checklist. Here at Annapolis Painting, our services cater to what naturally makes sense to get the job done right the first time. With our many years of experience, we know what to look for. Included on the checklist is…

Interior 18 Point Checklist

  1. Arrive to job on time, review worksheet with customer and agree on which area to begin painting
  2. Furniture and appliances are moved using slip sheets, all surfaces are protected with dropcloths or plastic
  3. Remove all switch plate and outlet covers.
  4. Every surface being painted is repaired of nail holes, cracks, peeling paint and other defects.
  5. Any water stains are sealed with primers to prevent bleed through.
  6. Mask all thermostats, wall sconces, knobs, hinges and other surface not receiving paint.
  7. Wash all dirt, mildew and grime using the appropriate cleaner prior to painting
  8. Check colors to ensure they match color chip prior to application, confirm the proper sheen is being used
  9. Caulk and putty trim and lightly sand prior to painting.
  10. Complete safety checklist and ensure that ladders & scaffolds are being used properly
  11. Double check that all paint is applied evenly and is free from runs, sags or drips.
  12. Lightly sand any glossy surface to provide “tooth” prior to re-coating
  13. Inspect newly painted surfaces for proper coverage and touch up if necessary.
  14. Remove all masking and dropcloths and inspect surfaces, clean as necessary.
  15. Re-install all switch plate and outlet covers.
  16. Sweep each room and ensure that all trash and debris has been removed
  17. Leave all touch-up paint in clearly marked containers
  18. Walk through job with customer to ensure their complete satisfaction

Exterior 18 Point Checklist

  1. Arrive to job on time, review worksheet with customer and address any customer concerns regarding pets, parking etc.
  2. Protect all shrubs, plants and landscaping with appropriate dropcloths
  3. Mask all light fixtures, number plates and other items to prevent splatter
  4. Wash all surfaces of any dirt, mildew or algae prior to painting.
  5. Inspect for rotten or damaged wood and inform customer of necessary repairs.
  6. Remove all loose and deterioated caulking and replace with lifetime paintable silicone caulk
  7. Scrape all loose and peeling paint.
  8. Wire brush any rust or corrosion
  9. Prime all bare or rusted surfaces with appropriate primers.
  10. Complete safety checklist and ensure that ladders & scaffolds are being used properly
  11. Double check that all paint is applied evenly and is free from runs, sags or drips.
  12. Ensure that all operable window sash is free and not painted shut
  13. Lightly sand any glossy surfaces for proper adhesion
  14. Remove all masking and drop cloths and clean paint drips if any.
  15. Inspect for proper coverage and touch up if necessary.
  16. Clean up all paint chips and debris
  17. Leave all touch-up paint in clearly marked containers
  18. Walk through job with customer to ensure their complete satisfaction

If you would like to learn more about our quality assurance, please call our painters at 410-974-6768 or fill out our online request form.

annapolis painting services reviews

Hi Pat – just a note of thanks tor the great house painting and repairs to our home. Painters Eduardo and Freddy and carpenters Victor and Daniel did an excellent job, went out of their way to keep the property neat each day, were polite, conscientious and gave great care to detail.
- Julie & Scott W.
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From the moment we made contact with your people out on the job through mt assess our requirements, everybody at Annapolis Painting was friendly and professi stress free and clearly understood. The teams that showed up for both the full exte1 were always punctual, very friendly, and highly skilled professionals. From power w, cedar siding, through wall and carpentry repairs inside, the guys from Annapolis Pair visit from an interior consultant to assist my wife in choosing colors, and your stops l progress and to see how we were doing through it all were most appreciated. The crews working at our house did so with minimum impact on our daily lives. Th and clean-up, they were a welcome sight arriving each day. The quality of the work w appearance of our house and the resulting feeling of pride and satisfaction we have is Annapolis Painting team put into every aspect of this extensive project. We could not be happier with our choice.
- Ed & Teri Q.
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We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that your company rates second to none! Jose and his teams did an outstanding job at our home this week. They were polite, clean, and professional; their work was top-notch and above our expectations. Considering the areas that they repaired and painted, they were very expedient, and we are super pleased! They were definitely on time each day, and they worked nonstop. This team paid attention to details which we find very important. We are amazed at the way you have maintained superb employees for the past 15 years we have used your services in so many different areas and at a number of our properties. We hope you continue to provide quality services because the services you have been providing are almost impossible to locate. Thank you, again.
- Pablo A.
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We went with Annapolis Painting Services because they were the most responsive of the three companies we received estimates from. They were the middle price though all of the prices were competitive and within 15% of each other. It was Pat Donnelly’s responsiveness to my questions along with generally good reviews that decided it for US. As for the work, they arrived when they were supposed to, happily worked around our work shift schedules and took care of my two minor punch list items without complaint. Most importantly they did a really good job staining the place. If there is an uneven spot anywhere in the work we haven’t found it. Their crew apparently knows wood siding. As for the rest no shrubs were damaged, no overspray found and, most importantly, it looks good. My only minor quibbles were not reinstalling the gutter downspouts back into the drains correctly and breaking a piece off a plastic window molding. Replacing the molding was a nonissue and, to be fair, they probably would have corrected the downspouts if I had asked. But they really should pay a little more attention to details like that given the otherwise excellent quality of the painting work.
- Thomas Y.
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Just finished showing off our new paint job to a friend. We couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product or the process. You, Jose, and Carlo’s were all fantastic! They could not have been any more respectful to us or in how they treated our home. We are blown away by the speed and quality of their work and by how well they protected our home and furnishings in the process. It was such a perfect experience that I am tempted to find another room to paint….just because! A million thanks to you all! We have, and will continue to, spread the word!
- Jeannie M.
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We are so thoroughly pleased with the work that was completed today in our front foyer and also on our bathroom ceiling! Victor and his reliable crew left my home impeccable. Their attention to detail and obvious knowledge of their craft was quite apparent. I remain awestruck that Victor was able to match the paint on the wall with such exact precision – having no old cans or any information to use in assisting him. It looks incredible. I was nervous that without an exact match, the walls in the great room, just opposite of what we were painting in the foyer, would look out of place. No worries remained after I saw that they were able to provide an exact match! My husband and I both appreciate the meticulous execution of their work and the outstanding result. It was a true pleasure to work with Victor and his crew at Annapolis Painting and I look forward to having them back again to complete painting projects in other areas of my home. I will not hesitate to recommend Annapolis Painting services to others that are in need of having outstanding painting projects completed in their home as well. Thank you for meeting and exceeding my expectations!
- Natalie B..
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He knows how to check in with clients, check out with the clients at the end of the day, how to handle problems, how to make suggestions, and obviously more important than anything else, he worked so hard under adverse conditions, and does excellent carpentry. He really is a credit to the company.
- Johnny B.
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Your guys did great work and so I posted the following review on YELP for your company. I wanted to pass it along to you. My ex had used these guys and had a good experience so I decided give it a try when I bought a new house. Made appt & salesperson showed up on time and gave me a quote on the spot with a reasonable price. Carlos and his crew showed up on time the day of the job and did excellent work! Responsible, polite & courteous. The thing that impressed me the most was their attention to detail…getting every little crack, blemish, etc…great clean lines where ceiling meets the wall. Even impressed with how meticulous they were with the clean up at the end of the job…vacuuming, taking all trash and wiping everything down. Carlos also did a great job of keeping in touch with me thru the 3 days of work. Kept me informed by phone & text, and always asked if I had any questio ns. They were also very flexible when I decided to change a color after one floor was done…they were very willing to work with me. Highly recommend them and would definitely use them again…money well spent. Thx guys!!!
- Chuck M.
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We worked with Brad, he was professional, responsive and knowledgeable . His proposal was accepted and the work was completed. The painting crew did an awesome job as well. Thank you for the positive experience!
- Cindy K.
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Rob & Brad scheduled our first meeting right away and gave us a very competitive quote for the work in a time frame that worked for us. The hardwood floors and new tile look amazing…our 30 year old home now has the much needed updates to make it look like a new home!
- Kelly Sim J.
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We’ve had APS doing extensive work both at our home and at our office building. They do excellent work, and are neat, clean, and fairly priced. They also are very responsive to calls and emails. They will be hired again.
- Laurent D.
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The painters just left my house and I’m very happy with the job they did. Victor and his crew were efficient and thorough. They covered the floors and protected the furniture and did a good job of cleaning up afterwards.
- Joan K.
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