Picking Colors

At Annapolis Painting we know that finding the right painter is only half the job for our clients. You also need to go through the important task of picking colors for your project. We have made it easier for you all by providing some resources on this page. 

We know that our clients have different preferences on paint brands. For that reason, we are willing to use any brand of paint that you would like. Our estimators provide an estimate for any paint brand, but because of price and coverage, Benjamin Moore is a slight increase in price

At APS, our preferred brand of paint is Sherwin Willams. We have found this paint over the years to be the most durable and effective at a reasonable price. That being said, feel free to pick any brand of paint for your project!

We work very closely with Maryland Paints & Decorating and have found them as a useful resource for our clients as well. They can help you with picking colors as well!

Check out these resources below!

picking colors from a color wheel fan deck with paint brush