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Linda Mann, the owner of Shades of the Bay on Main Street Downtown, wanted to redo her sunglass shop to feel more like Annapolis. Naturally, she called APS with her new vision. Linda wanted her customers to feel like they were walking into her home, an Annapolis home. She needed a way to embody the local area in her design. She called Jay Fleming, a Chesapeake Bay Photographer, and he took the perfect photo for the new shop’s look.

Check out this video as we follow Jay Fleming onto his boat on the Chesapeake Bay, an angle that very few get to see. Listen to Linda’s story about how she wanted her shop to feel and how Jay and others were able to bring it to fruition. Lastly, don’t forget to call Annapolis Painting Services to get a free estimate for your home or business. 

Shades of the Bay

Jay Fleming

Art & Negative

Annapolis Painting worked with Shades of the Bay on transforming their sunglass shop into a brand new store that embodies the local Annapolis feel. APS painted the interior to match the brands colors of light blue and some orange. We also painted the exterior sign so that it attracts new customers to Linda’s store. The colors gave new life to the store and the installation of Jay Fleming’s photography added a local touch that you can only get through Jay’s work. 

Jay Fleming is a local photographer to the Annapolis area. He specializes in capturing the the local watermen and scenic visuals around the Chesapeake Bay. Jay worked with Linda, Art & Negative, and APS to ultimately allow the community to view the Bay is a way they may have never seen before. Jay’s photography is featured in many local businesses in the Annapolis Area. Jay is regarded as one of the best photographers around because of technical skills, but mainly his eye for capturing Maryland through his lens. 

Art & Negative is a family owned printing business in Lanham, MD. They have been operating in the area for over 40 years. They played pivotal role in the Shades of the Bay project taking Jay’s images to the walls of the shop. With the help of APS installing the printed images, if it wasn’t for Art & Negative, Jay’s beautiful work would have never made it in Shades of the Bay. It took a lot of different great people and skilled hands to accomplish the transformation of the SOTB shop. 

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