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Bringing Hardwood Flooring Excellence To Annapolis Homes


One of the most popular home improvement projects in Annapolis is installing brand-new hardwood flooring. The natural beauty and grain of hardwood add a sense of elegance to any living space, whether it's a bedroom, the kitchen, or your living room. The warm colors create an inviting and comforting atmosphere in any room. Not to mention it is durable and long-lasting with the right care. At Annapolis Painting Services, our flooring experts are here to help you with this wonderful effort.

Our highly skilled painters for Annapolis are adept at all flooring services. We proudly install both natural and engineered hardwood in homes in our area. Our team can refinish old damaged hardwood flooring as well to give even the oldest floors a breath of new life. In each and every service that we provide, our experts bring the same dedication to excellence to the task in order to achieve the highest quality results for every project we take on. In the end, you and your family are guaranteed to be pleased with the enhanced beauty of your Annapolis home.

Exceptional Hardwood Flooring Installations

For the last 30 years, local homeowners have trusted Annapolis Painting Services with all their hardwood installation needs, along with painting and even custom deck building. As such, our professionals have the knowledge, skill, and experience necessary to guide you through every aspect of your project. With our help, you can feel confident knowing that you are making the best long-lasting addition to your Annapolis home.

Our design consultants can help you select the best natural or engineered hardwood for any living space in your residence. We can then conduct all sub-floor preparations in order to install your chosen flooring in the most expert manner. After our efforts, your vision for your home will be a reality.

Reap The Rewards Of Your New Garage Flooring System

After years of use and traffic within your home, every hardwood floor takes some abuse. If your hardwood floors have lost their original sheen and beauty over the years, there is an easy solution to the problem. With hardwood floor refinishing from Annapolis Painting Services, you can achieve the results of a completely new installation project at a fraction of the cost.

Our hardwood flooring experts will sand down your floors to the natural wood. We will then stain and treat your floors in order to enhance and protect their distinctive beauty, color, and grain. You and your family will be stunned by the rejuvenated appearance of your residence once you see your refinished hardwood floors!

Hardwood Flooring Tips

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