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Exterior Painting Services


In order for you and your family to enjoy your home to the utmost, it is important for the outside of your residence to look its absolute best. You and your family must be able to take pride in the look of your property’s exterior. Your friends and guest will form their first impressions based on the curb appeal of your residence. At Annapolis Painting Services, our painters would be happy to assist you with your next exterior house painting effort.

  • Arrive to the job on time
  • Protect all landscaping and surfaces
  • Wash all surfaces being painted
  • Inspect for any rotten wood
  • Remove all loose caulking and recaulk
  • Scrape all loose and peeling paint
  • Apply two coats of paint selected by customer
  • Clean up and assure satisfaction

House Painting Meant To Last

Nothing is worse than painting the exterior of your home and within a couple years noticing that your exterior paint coat is already fading, blistering, or cracking. In most instances, these unfortunate results are the outcome of exterior painting projects conducted without expert help. Skipping critical preparatory steps and choosing poor quality paints and materials can lead to short-lived positive outcomes.

At Annapolis Painting Services, our exterior house painting experts are here to help you avoid all of these common pitfalls. When we paint the exterior of your Annapolis home, our intention is to provide you with long lasting beauty. You and your family are guaranteed to be pleased with the results of our efforts for years to come.

Painting Services Customized To Your Goals

Our exterior house painters understand that you have a vision of what you want your home to look like. When you hire our professionals to assist you with the task, you are guaranteed to achieve all of your goals. Our painters will work their hardest to ensure that your dream for your home becomes a reality. We will constantly stay attuned to your inputs in order to provide you with the most customized exterior painting services possible.

Commercial Exterior Painting

The outside of your business is the prime factor that your potential customers and clients consider when they assess your business. As such, you have a responsibility to keep your commercial property looking its best at all times. At Annapolis Painting Services, our commercial painters are here to assist you in this regard. We specialize in commercial exterior painting services for all industries.

Since 1985, local businesses have trusted our professional painters with all their exterior painting needs. When you hire our team for the task, you can feel confident knowing that you made the absolute best choice for your property. Our highly skilled commercial painters will provide you with the most exceptional services, from start to finish. Through the amazing results that we achieve, we convey the fact that you can trust us with all your future commercial painting needs.

Exterior Painting For All Industries

When you hire a painting contractor for the exterior of your commercial property, it is important for you to choose a professional that has experience serving your particular industry. At Annapolis Painting Services, our team of experts have been working with all types of property owners for over thirty years. From retail and offices to government and industrial properties, we handle it all. When you hire us, you can feel confident knowing that you choose a painter who will understand the unique aspects and needs of your business. We are the local painters who know commercial exterior painting services better than anyone else. For your business, you can’t afford to gamble with anyone else.

Services Customized To Your Needs

At Annapolis Painting Services, our commercial painters always work their hardest to provide our customers with the most customized services possible. When we begin planning your exterior painting project, our consultants will guide you through every aspect of the effort. From material selection to scheduling, we will ensure that your needs are provided in the best possible manner.

In the end, your vision for your business will become a reality. Your commercial property will convey your professionalism to your clients and customers. All of our commercial exterior painting services are conducted in a way to limit the impact on your everyday operations. You are guaranteed to be pleased with the results.

Exterior Painting Projects

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Exterior Painting Tips

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