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Lead Paint Removal

Lead paint

You and your family should be able to enjoy the highest level of comfort and security in your home at all times. One of the greatest concerns that every property owner must address is lead paint. If there is lead paint in your property, you must take steps to limit exposure to your loved ones. At Annapolis Painting Services, our Maryland certified lead paint removal experts are here to assist you with this responsibility.

For the last three decades, our painters have worked their hardest for each and every one of our customers. We understand how important your home is to you and your family. If you are concerned about the presence of lead paint in your home, our team of experts will work their hardest to make certain that your residence is as safe as possible. Your satisfaction and well-being will be our highest priority.

Certified And Trained Experts

Not every painting contractor is qualified to deal with lead paint. Removing the offending material can cause a great deal of dust and particulate to circulate around your property, thereby exacerbating the hazard. For this reason, it is imperative that you only hire a certified and trained lead paint removal expert for the task.

At Annapolis Painting Services, our lead paint removal team has the knowledge, training, and experience necessary to provide you with the highest quality services possible. You can rest assured knowing that you chose the best team for the task. After our efforts, you can feel confident knowing that you improved the safety and well-being of all your home for your loved ones.

Properties We Proudly Serve

Our Annapolis lead paint removal experts are here to help tenants, landlords, property owners, and property managers with all of their needs. If your property was constructed before 1978, their are strict laws and regulations in place to ensure that your residence is as safe as possible and that the risk of exposure is limited.

Our highly skilled team stays abreast of all these rules and regulations and can assist you in promoting the safest home environment possible. Our lead paint removal services will be customized to your unique needs in order to achieve the best possible results.

Commercial Lead Paint Removal

As a commercial property owner or manager, you have an obligation to ensure that everyone who enters your business is safe while on the premises. Part of this responsibility entails making certain that there are no environmental contaminants that could harm your employees and clients. Having lead based paint in your commercial property is a hazard that simply cannot be tolerated. At Annapolis Painting Services, our commercial painters are here to help you with all your commercial lead paint removal needs.

If you are concerned about the presence of lead paint in your Annapolis commercial property, call Annapolis Painting Services today. Our knowledgeable and experienced experts are on call and ready to assist you. We can inspect your property to determine if there are any dangerous conditions present. Our painters are certified lead paint removal experts and can eliminate any issues that we find. Our polite staff can schedule your service with our commercial painters today.

Lead Paint Inspections

Lead based paint is particularly problematic because it is hard to tell if there dangerous condition is present in your property. Generally speaking, if your commercial property was painted before 1978, you need to be extremely wary of the presence of lead based paint. As this paint begins to chip and flake, the particulates can affect all individuals who enter your property, especially children.

If you believe that there is exposed lead based paint in your Annapolis business, you should contact our team for help. We can personally inspect your property in order to identify and rectify any lead based paint related issues that are present. After our efforts, you can rest assured knowing that everyone in your business is safe from this hazard.

Lead Paint Experts

Removing lead based paint is a highly specialized task that should only be trusted with a professional who has the expert training and certification necessary to handle the task. Hiring someone without the necessary qualifications can lead to more harm than good, as they will cause the paint to chip and spread throughout your property.

When you hire our professionals for your lead paint removal process, you can feel confident knowing that you chose the best team for the job. Each of our painters are highly trained and exceptionally experienced at lead paint removal efforts. We have the knowledge, skill, and expertise necessary to provide you with the highest quality services. You are guaranteed to be pleased with the results of our efforts.

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