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Lead Paint Exposure: The Damages It Can Cause

Lead paint exposure the damages it can cause

Many houses built before 1960 have a fairly high probability of containing lead paint. If your home in the Annapolis area was built around that time and you believe it may contain lead paint, you need to call for a professional lead paint removal ASAP.

This urgency is due to the many risks that lead paint exposure can pose for you and your loved ones. From health problems to developmental issues, lead paint can pose a wealth of risks. If your Annapolis home contains any trace of lead paint, call for a professional removal so that you and your loved ones can avoid the following issues:

Learning Disabilities And Behavioral Problems In Small Children

Small children tend to be more susceptible to problems that lead paint exposure can cause, and these problems can follow them for their entire lives. Their attention spans can decrease, as can their ability to retain information, harming their academic growth. Their social development can be impacted, too, since they may develop antisocial behaviors.

Affected Development Of Fetuses

Your children don’t have to be born to be affected by exposure to lead paint. Unborn children can also suffer as their mothers remain exposed to lead-based paint. This second-hand exposure can lead to significant developmental issues with the fetuses — issues which can cause learning impairments and even lifelong health defects.

Impaired Nervous System Functions

You don’t have to be a small child to be negatively affected by exposure to lead paint. After all, people at any age can suffer from impaired nervous system functions. This impairment can lead to some pretty terrible health issues: convulsions and even comas. In the absolute worst case, this nervous system dysfunction can even lead to death.

Development Of Anemia

Another health problem that anyone who remains exposed to lead paint can suffer from is anemia. This issue can creep up rather unexpectedly, requiring unexpected medical intervention for you and loved one over time. The severity of this problem alone should necessitate the need for a quick and thorough lead paint removal.

Increased Risk Of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of those health problems that can quickly lead to a host of other health problems such as persistent headaches, shortness of breath, and even heart issues. Before you or a loved one can suffer from these problems, you need to get your lead paint removed to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Avoid These Problems By Having Lead Paint Professionally Removed

Do you think your Annapolis area home may contain traces of lead paint? Then don’t delay: Call the area's Annapolis painting company, Annapolis Painting Services. With a quick yet thorough lead paint removal, we’ll reduce these risks substantially, ensuring that you and your loved ones can enjoy the healthiest possible home life.

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