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3 Reasons Summer Is The Best Time For Pressure Washing

3 reasons summer is the best time for pressure washing

Now that summer is here, homeowners all over the country are buckling down and working hard to get their spring cleaning lists finished, and for many homeowners, that work is going to continue on into the summer months. The fall and winter months can really do a number on the exterior of your home, and sometimes, and if you are looking for a great way to brighten up your home’s exterior surfaces once again and get your home looking its best, investing in a professional pressure washing is definitely something to add to your list for the coming summer months. When it comes to pressure washing, summer is actually the ideal time to get this particular kind of work done, and in an effort to show you why that is, our team of skilled Annapolis painters here at Annapolis Painting Services have taken the time to put together this short list highlighting just a few of the many reasons that go to make the summer months the perfect time for pressure washing your home.

The Weather Is Perfect

First and foremost, the biggest factor that helps to make summer the ideal time for pressure washing your home is that the weather is almost perfectly suited to the job. With the sun coming up earlier, and going down later, there are more daylight hours in which to get the job done, and that means you have much more leeway in when you are able to schedule your appointment for service, in addition to our team of professionals being able to complete larger jobs in the course of a single day instead of having to make a follow-up appointment. Additionally, summer tends to be a bit drier than spring, which lends itself very well to the work.

Longer Lasting Results

Because the summer months are typically dryer than the spring, it usually means that your freshly washed property is going to stay cleaner for longer, giving you more value for your investment. Between the harsh, continual rains of spring, and all of the falling leaves and organic debris during the fall, summer gives you an ideal time to get your home’s exterior clean and have some time to truly enjoy it. Additionally, the summer months usually have a great deal less pollen in the air, helping you avoid further buildups on the side of your home after having it washed.

Eliminate Mold & Mildew

With the plethora of rain and moisture over the spring months, combined with the rising temperatures, there is a very real chance that you have mold and mildew forming on the exterior surfaces of your home, and given the chance, these contaminants will only continue to grow and do their best to deteriorate your home’s exterior surfaces. Having your home professionally pressure washed this summer will ensure that all of these potentially harmful contaminants are safely and effectively removed from the surfaces of your home, keeping them well protected and helping to extend their lifespan.

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